Sandhills Vet Hospital

Our Services

We offer the following services for your pet:

Wellness Exams & Preventive Healthcare
We believe that preventing problems is always better than treating them. Because pets age much faster than humans, regular routine physical exams are important steps in keeping your pet healthy.

New Puppy and Kitten Exams
Adding a new pet to the family is an exciting and fun experience for everyone. During a new puppy or kitten exam, your pet will be given a complete physical exam to determine his general health and check for birth defects.

Internal Medicine
Our internal medicine practice uses advanced medical technology equipment to diagnose and treat patients suffering from internal diseases.

Pets are now living much longer and healthier lives thanks to advances in veterinary dentistry. We offer full service dental care from routine dental cleanings to dental surgery needed for complex dental disease.

Our state-of-the art surgical suite is equipped to handle routine as well as complex soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries. 

Laboratory Services
We have an in-house laboratory for immediate blood test results as well as the ability to send out more complex tests to our referral laboratory. Laboratory tests can be an important step in identifying your pet’s medical condition and determining the proper treatment as many illnesses can only be detected by laboratory tests. 

Pharmacy and Nutrition
Our in-house pharmacy carries the most commonly prescribed medications and medical supplies for cats and dogs to allow you to conveniently purchase what your pet needs at the time of your visit.

Our boarding areas are designed to make your pet as comfortable as possible while he is away from home. We have separate cat and dog boarding rooms, each of which is clean, climate controlled and well lit. Our cat ward has two full walls of windows to allow your cat to enjoy basking in the sun or contemplating the birds that visit the outside bird feeders.

We offer a full selection of grooming services, including baths, trims and full cuts, for both dogs and cats. Our experienced groomer has more than 25 years of grooming experience.