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SpotWe believe that preventing problems is always better than treating them. Because pets age much faster than humans, regular routine physical exams are important steps in keeping your pet healthy. During a wellness exam, your pet’s weight will be checked; the doctor will listen to your pet’s heart and lungs and examine your pets eyes, teeth and gums; his abdomen will be checked for any unusual growths or signs of discomfort; your pet’s ears, nose and skin will be examined for signs of parasites, infections or allergies; and his limbs and skeletal frame will be examined for signs of pain, stiffness or neurologic problems.

In addition to a physical exam, the doctor will discuss what vaccines and preventive medications, such as heartworm, flea and tick preventions, are appropriate for your pet’s lifestyle. The doctor also may recommend medications or dietary and lifestyle changes, particularly for aging pets or those with chronic conditions.

An annual exam also gives you an opportunity to discuss questions and concerns with the doctor, such as behavior issues or the best way to introduce new family members such as a new child or a new pet. Wellness exams also are a time for our staff to educate clients on topics such as preventing disease transmission from pets to humans, particularly young children or people with compromised immune systems, or plants and foods that are harmful or poisonous to pets.



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